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By engaging with the best candidates, our recruitment services compliment your business needs. We only identify and offer those candidates with a proven track record who can offer real value to your business and continue in your success.

Our recruitment method for contingent recruitment is rigorous and our fees are dependant on type of role and or product purchased but typically are 5-15% of Salary package for this option.

We understand that in some instances the expenditure for recruiting specialised staff can have a big impact on some company’s. In this instant we can negotiate flexible payment terms over 3 months, reducing the initial output of the fees that are charged.

Check out some of the packages we offer below:


J & L Recruitment will allow you to post a vacancy over all our advertising mediums.


J & L Recruitment  will act on your behalf and post your vacancy over all our advertising mediums and collate all cvs received, thus allowing you to preserve your anonymity. We will then forward all cvs in their original format for your own recruitment process to begin, giving you all the information you require for you to assess the candidates, shortlist for interview, interview, take references, job offer and post unsuccessful candidate letters.


J & L Recruitment will act on your behalf and post your vacancy over all our advertising mediums and collate all cvs received, thus allowing you to preserve your anonymity. We will then scrutinise each application against the client’s job description as to suitability before forwarding on a short list for the client to consider.  The client will then take over the recruitment process and approach those candidates it wishes to interview.  This service will save the client time and money, by J&L using its expertise in short-listing appropriate candidates.  So much information is given on a cv, but seeking out the relevant skills can be very time-consuming, especially for those possibly new to the recruitment process.


J & L Recruitment full recruitment package.  This includes  discussing the job description with the client, searching J&L’s own and other databases  for suitable candidates (in some cases head-hunting for them), scrutinise and qualify  them as appropriate before forwarding those it believes suitable for the client’s consideration. All of the candidates will have been interviewed and referenced as to  suitability prior to being short-listed and sent to the client. J&L will then act as an  intermediary between those candidates the client wishes to interview and the clients themselves.   It will assist the client, if required, to come to a decision as to which applicant will be most suitable or indeed, return to databases to seek out more candidates for consideration.

We will then offer the applicant on behalf of the client.  Our twelve week percentage refund or free replacement applies – as stated in our terms and conditions in the unlikely event that the chosen candidate proves unsuitable.


J & L Recruitment can directly make contact with a candidate of your choice and actively seek to arrange a meeting on a 1-to-1 basis. All of which is kept confidential.